Digital Consulting

We have experience building hundreds of apps, all locally in Melbourne, along with knowledge of the latest industry trends. We use this to guide you to make informed decisions on the digital strategy that will deliver the greatest impact for your users and your business.

App Strategy

The key to building the right iPhone and Android app is asking the right questions. Wave's Melbourne-based team use a variety of research methods to help you decide how you want your app to function, how your app could be used, and what matters most to your users.

Technical Consulting

A solid technical foundation for your mobile app will avoid frustration caused by poor performance post launch. We investigate the technical feasibility of your app, develop technical proof-of-concepts, and can design a rigorous software development process.


User Experience

Understanding your audience is central to designing an app for them. We use a human-centred design approach that is focused on the needs, perceptions, and behaviours of your audience. Resulting in iPhone and Android apps that delight and stand the test of time.

Brand & Identity

To stand out you need to stand for something. Fusing insight and creative expression, Wave Digital’s Melbourne-based branding specialists help visualise the heart and purpose of your brand. We create a distinct brand experience that stands out locally and globally.

App Storytelling

Your mobile app is so much more than how it functions. Enabling customers to truly understand the value of your app is critical to its success. At Wave, we use a variety of visual storytelling devices to help communicate that value to a variety of people.


App Support

We make sure your iPhone and Android app is kept up-to-date and working effectively amidst fast-paced technological change. Wave offers a warranty period, along with a comprehensive suite of app support services afterwards – including operating system, device, and browser compatibility maintenance.

Hosting Support

We offer dedicated, shared and serverless cloud infrastructure setups. Our local team provides customisable support and maintenance for our hosted applications. Ranging from operating system and server software updates, backups and monitoring, we focus on fault-tolerance and security. 24/7.

General Support

At Wave we want to make lives better – and that includes for our clients. We do this by providing professional, reliable, and prompt support for any general and technical queries about your mobile and web app. We empower our clients to do things themselves by providing training for technical and non-technical staff.


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