Salesforce API integration

Wave can work with you to enable your mobile app to take advantage of the powerful Salesforce software platforms. One of the most popular Salesforce products is the Salesforce Marketing Cloud which provides email, social and marketing automations solutions. These are built on a single platform enabling you to align different elements of your marketing campaigns.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud currently offers two APIs that share a common authentication mechanism based on OAuth 2: the REST API exposes broader access to Marketing Cloud capabilities, while the SOAP API provides comprehensive access to most email functionality. Wave has experience with integrating with the Salesforce REST API. As part of the app development process, our mobile app developers follow the Salesforce API Best Practice guidelines when integrating apps, to optimise API calls and data structures and improve performance.

Wave Digital also has experience integrating apps with other systems, including Xero, SCADA and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

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