Android App Development

We develop extensively for Android mobile and tablet devices. At Wave Digital, we embrace the differences between iPhone and Android ecosystem and seek to develop Android apps with a unique look and feel to their iPhone counterparts. Unlike iPhone, a user’s version of an Android app is often controlled by their carrier (Vodafone, Telstra etc), rather than the phone or tablet itself. Wave can provide advice on the difficult balancing act between supporting the largest number of Android users, and developing a mobile app that takes advantage of the newer Android operating systems. We build all our Android apps locally at our head office in Melbourne.

Being an open source operating system, Android also operates on a large variety of devices from a wide range of manufacturers. Your mobile app can therefore potentially be run on devices with huge variations in screen size and screen density (quality of screen resolution). Similar to Apple, Android are constantly updating and improving their operating system with major upgrades every six to nine months. Wave are experts in designing for the Android Operating System, while our mobile app support arrangements ensure your app remains up-to-date despite an ever changing landscape.

There are now a wide range of approaches we can use for your Android app development. These include developing natively for Android devices, using a mixture of web and phone technologies or a cross platform framework such as React Native. Each approach has different benefits. For example, building your Android app using native technology allows your mobile app to integrate deeply with the Android operating system and access device features such as GPS, camera and Bluetooth. On the other hand, React Native or a hybrid approach have less code maintenance and therefore lower ongoing costs. Wave will guide you through the process of selecting the appropriate technology for your Android app.

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