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Wave designed and built a future-proof global health app for iPhone and Android – the Guidelines Host App. Our client, Therapeutic Guidelines Limited (TGL), is a not-for-profit organisation that supports the creation and dissemination of independent therapeutic information. The app is targeted at medical prescribers in developing countries and provides them with easy access to a digital version of their own local guidelines (and other similar publications), from anywhere in the world. A scalable system with CMS capability, the iPhone and Android mobile apps house extensive open-source resources that are available live or offline.

Mobile phones showing screenshots from the Guidelines Host App

“Wave Digital were extremely easy to work with. We enjoyed the design process and watched with excitement as our ideas turned into an app. The end product looks wonderful and is easy to use which will suit our target audience perfectly. Thank you for helping us create something we are proud of!”

– Erin Nunan,‎ Developing Countries Program Manager, Therapeutic Guidelines Limited

Mobile phone showing screenshots from the Guidelines Host App
Mobile phone showing screenshots from the Guidelines Host App

The users – medical prescribers in developing countries – were at the centre of our strategy, design and development for this iPhone and Android app. This meant creating an app that was user-friendly with minimal technical complexity. TGL also needed the product to be extensible and future-proof.

Mobile phones showing screenshots from the Guidelines Host App

Creating a deliberate and well-considered user experience for this iPhone and Android app was vital – it needed to communicate the structure of content and a user’s sense of place at every touch-point. We designed an interface that was flexible and easy to navigate any type of publication, to ensure the app is future-proof and not limited to the currently available information. We also designed a neutral frontend to facilitate white labelling and legal use in a wide range of countries.

It was also important to create a product identity system that when delivered to each country made it feel personal and unique. Implementing each nation’s coat of arms, flag, and country specific colours made it feel like it was a unique app built for their clinicians.

Visuals of the colour palette, fonts and icon for the Guidelines Host App

Notable functions include navigation with search and sort capacity for content that falls within one or more guidelines. Users can view the detailed contents of each guideline and access information about the app itself. Outside the app’s functional requirements, we added offline and country-specific restricted access options to ensure the IP address is protected. The app is built for CMS capability to simplify adding guidelines for future participating nations at minimal cost.

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