iPhone App Development

iPhone app development is a core service at Wave Digital. We are proud participants of the Apple Consultants Network community, a testament to our app design and development capability. Wave and our innovative clients, from Startups through to Government, were also early adopters of iOS, launching our first iPhone and iPad apps in 2009.  Our iPhone apps have won multiple awards and been in the coveted top 3 spot of the Australian app store. The breadth of our experience in iPhone app development allows us to guide you as to whether a universal, iPhone, iPad or responsive web app is the best software solution for the problem you are trying to solve. We build all our iPhone apps locally at our head office in Melbourne.

We work with our clients to choose the best possible technologies to deliver their iPhone app to market. The technology landscape is continually evolving and there are now a wide range of options to consider. These include developing natively for iOS devices, using a framework such as React Native to speed up the development process or a hybrid approach. Building your iPhone app using native technology allows your mobile app to take advantage of the device features. These include camera, GPS and Bluetooth. While React Native or a hybrid approach have other benefits such as less code maintenance  and therefore lower ongoing costs. Wave are also experienced in Android app development and can discuss the best technology option for you if you are seeking both an iPhone and Android app.

Interested in the Internet of things (IOT) and augmented reality (AR)? Wave can talk with you about how emerging technologies can be integrated into your iPhone app.

iPhone app ongoing support

Apple release one major and several minor operating system updates each year. Each major release brings with it a host of new features and functionality for mobile which can alter the way existing apps look and function. The impact of these changes often impairs existing functionality and almost always alters the visual appearance of certain components of the iPhone app. Wave Digital offers app support services, and specifically, iPhone app maintenance services which ensure your iPhone app remains up-to-date.

Unlike Android, Apple control the devices which their operating system will work on. Initially, Apple launched only one iPhone per year. However, more recently, Apple have been introducing more devices into the market, with more frequent iPhone and iPad hardware releases. Unfortunately, developers can no longer assume that the app will work on newer devices. At Wave, we can ensure your app supports the new phone/phablet/tablet devices.

Our iPhone app development projects

The following projects highlight some of our iPhone app development experience:

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