Why you should use an Apple Consultants Network member for your iPhone app development

Why you should use an Apple Consultants Network member for your iPhone app development

Clients often want to know what sets us apart from other app development agencies. Here’s an easy one - since 2017, we have been members of the Apple Consultants Network. As early adopters of iOS (we launched our first iPhone and iPad apps in 2009), it couldn’t be more fitting that we are now part of this elite force of agencies recognised by Apple for our iPhone app development knowledge and expertise. Here’s what it means to be a member.

Apple Consultants know Apple products

According to Apple, using a member of the Apple Consultants Network means putting “your Apple products in the best hands.” That’s because every member of the Apple Consultants Network has met specific technical and business requirements, and passed a thorough review. We have demonstrated (and have to maintain) a comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge of Apple products including ensuring our developers complete annual training. From an app design perspective, it means our team are experts at leveraging leading iOS design guidelines and patterns. Plus Apple gives us exclusive access to resources to ensure we stay at the top of our game.

Apple Consultants have great customer service

To be a part of the Network, Apple Consultants need to pride themselves on delivering high quality services to their clients. Why? Because it is in Apple’s interest for us to provide the best possible solution for our customers when it involves one of their products. For Wave Digital, that means creating quality custom iPhone apps, with reliable technology and flawless design, that make lives better. It also means involving our clients throughout the app development process, not just at the end.

Apple Consultants are part of a worldwide exclusive network

The Network is a community of independent companies that offer a range of services and solutions based around Apple products. The Network is worldwide but Wave Digital are one of the few boutique app development agencies in Victoria to be part of the Apple Consultants Network. You can check out our listing here.

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