How an app animation walkthrough could be your most powerful marketing tool

How an app animation walkthrough could be your most powerful marketing tool

Most people want to see how something works before they buy. The new iPhone in the Apple Store, a test drive of the latest model, the fridge you can open and close … it’s the same with apps. Often, a list of functional requirements, wireframes and even great visual designs won’t cut it with your senior executives or on the Google Play and Apple App Store. The answer – an app animation walkthrough.

What is an app animation walkthrough?

An app animation walkthrough explores the different uses and features of the app. In a video format, it shows the user the journey they will experience – as if they were actually holding the phone and pressing the buttons! The format and narrative of the animation are tailored to suit the client’s needs. Want a voiceover, some classical music, text or just visuals? All of these things can be incorporated into an app animation walkthrough.

Where would you use an app animation walkthrough?

You can use these animations wherever you need to communicate how your app works – quickly and efficiently. Whether as a proof-of-concept or to market the finished product, an app animation is a powerful marketing tool.

The most common place for an app animation walkthrough is in app stores. The Google Play Store and the Apple App Store are two of the most important marketing opportunities for your app. Potential users are looking for a way to see if your product will solve their problem. So why not show them exactly how it will do that!

Need investor funding to develop your app idea? Provided you have some great visual designs, an app animation walkthrough can be created even before a dollar on development is spent, making them a cost-effective tool for attracting potential investors.

There are countless other ways to use an app animation walkthrough. All you need is a screen! Here are a few ideas:

  • On your website
  • On your social media platforms
  • In your Steering Committee presentation
  • At a conference
  • Loaded onto your phone for your upcoming networking event

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