Meet Wave Digital: Justin Kim

Meet Wave Digital: Justin Kim

We caught up with Wave Digital’s Justin Kim recently to learn about his role as a Full-Stack Developer and experience of founding and leading a soccer team.

Always learning and growing

As a Full-Stack Developer, Justin works with the front-end and back-end of apps. This involves developing new mobile apps and backend Application Programming Interfaces, also known as APIs, that allow two applications to talk to one another.

“I love using code to help our clients move their businesses to the next level,” says Justin, who sees every day as a new opportunity for learning and growth. 

“I’m always keen to grow as a developer – and learning every day is key.”

Justin enjoys the opportunity to work with contemporary app designs and diverse sectors through his role with Wave Digital.

After discovering programming at university, Justin realised that it held the potential to unlock his ideas and make them a reality.

“I also saw that software products can positively influence many people, without the constraints of time and space.”

This combination of bringing ideas to life and scaling positive impact inspired Justin to pursue a career in programming. 


Playing like a pro

Outside of work, Justin is the founder and leader of social soccer team Ole FC

“Although it's an amateur soccer team, I always try to run it like a professional team and provide an environment where everyone can feel as though they’re playing like a pro,” says Justin.

Beyond the game, Justin is enjoying the experience of learning how to manage and motivate individuals and a team.

“I created Ole FC so that individuals and the team could grow together. My goal is for us to grow as one team and become one of the best amateur soccer teams in Australia.”

Ole FC Photo: supplied.

From Korea to Brisbane

Justin was born in Korea where he says it’s common to spend nights and weekends working. In Australia, Justin has found a good work-life balance and enjoys spending time in nature.

“Brisbane is a calm and relaxing city so I love living here,” says Justin. “I haven’t had many opportunities to travel more widely just yet in Australia – I would love to do this in the future.”

Photograph of a busy Seoul city at night.
Busy life in Seoul city. Photo by Bundo Kim on Unsplash.


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