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Telemedhub, a digital health startup, commissioned Wave Digital to develop a platform for the delivery of telemedicine guidelines. The solution aims to improve the clinical quality and safety of telemedicine provided by Australian GPs. Working with a partnership of GPs creating the guidelines, Wave’s team designed and developed a custom web app – Telemedhub. The app covers the main conditions and symptoms presenting to GPs and features a large library of checklists and techniques that can be used during a telemedicine appointment. The Telemedhub user experience mirrors the GP workflow and is designed to fit into their normal clinical practice of relatively short consults.

Telemedhub by Wave Digital

Through the strategy process, Wave identified that delivering information quickly to the user was fundamental to the Telemedhub experience. Clinicians needed a way to swiftly find resources and guidelines whilst in the middle of a consultation to give their patients the best professional advice possible. This consideration influenced the user experience design along with the app’s search functionality.

The Startup founders also wanted a quick delivery to market. This was in the context of the significant increase in telemedicine consults resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. The Wave Digital team confirmed what was important to test with the first pilot group of users versus rolling out at a larger scale. We then translated this into a product roadmap which captured short, medium and long term product and commercial goals to guide the process.

Telemedhub by Wave Digital

Telemedhub’s aim was to create an easy to use platform for clinicians when performing telemedicine appointments. Wave Digital delivered a full suite of design services to bring this aim to life. Starting with branding, our design team created the logo and icon, colour scheme and typography. Wireframes highlighted the login and signup flow, subscription payments and product navigation and were then transformed into visual designs incorporating the Telemedhub brand.

Speed in accessing the information was important to the founders. The structure of the data, navigation and styles were therefore key focal points of our design process. To ensure the longevity of the product, the Telemedhub founders preferred to have flexibility as to how the information in the guidelines would be presented. With limited database structure to provide standardisation between the guidelines, Wave’s designers instead developed a comprehensive style guide within the CMS that authors could then reference. This would ensure that the content creators aligned the guidelines to the brand and that the information was presented consistently to the user, regardless of the author.

To support speed to market, our app developers were smart about what functionality to develop from scratch and what could be used from third party solutions. For example, rather than building custom subscription features into the product, the Telemedhub app leverages the Stripe payment gateway.

Wave’s a[[ developers also chose to put in place a headless CMS called Contentful. Our team weighed up the technical requirements along with the ease of use for our client. We found that this CMS had a nice user interface to create and manage the content without the extra bloat of other CMS alternatives. From a technology perspective, it gave us a well structured API to present and develop against while also combining well with the Ruby on Rails backend and AWS infrastructure used for the Telemedhub.

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