Backend Development

The majority of our mobile apps contain some form of app backend. A backend is essentially an API which facilitates the transfer of data between your app and a cloud hosted database. It is best explained with an example. Wave Digital’s Les Verbes app has been developed as a standalone iPhone app. The app does not recognise who uses it and Wave Digital has no access to the responses to the french verb questions. We could build an app backend to facilitate data transfer from the app. This could then enable us, for example, to write some business logic to tailor the questions to a user’s history. Including a backend impacts on the cost to build an app.

As custom software developers, we have experience working with a wide variety of systems. We then  develop apps that can push and pull data from these systems with ease. During app development, we typically write the web backend using RESTful APIs so that the mobile app can talk to the web backend using the Ruby on Rails framework.

When designing the architecture of our systems, our main priority and guiding principle is keeping applications and data protected. At Wave Digital, we have the expertise to identify and protect against attack vectors on all levels.

Our Web app development projects

The following projects highlight our web app backend development experience:

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