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We’ve helped clients in government, non-profits, SMEs, research, social enterprises and startups take their impact further through custom web, android and iOS app development.

Are you ready to create an enduring app that responds to a human need? Read on to learn how we’ve helped our clients to achieve this – we’d love to support you too.

Pushing for better mental health

The Push-Up Challenge iOS app and Android app launched 3+ years ago and is going strong, reaching #1 in App Store and #1 in Play Store.

The app serves 200K+ people across Australia in their incredible annual fundraising efforts to push for better mental health and suicide prevention. Together, participants raised $14.5M through the app in 2023 to support the work of the Push for Better Foundation, Lifeline and Headspace.

Now in our fourth year of collaborating with The Push-Up Challenge on app design and development, we’re thrilled to support their expansion to Canada in 2024.

Making health information more accessible

GoShare Healthcare web app by Healthily enables healthcare professionals to distribute tailored health content packages to thousands of patients living with chronic illness and their carers.

The web app is used by 40+ peak health organisations across Australia including NSW Health Central Coast and Western Sydney, WentWest (Western Sydney Primary Health Network), Medibank and MLC.

We’re proud to have been a part of Healthily’s journey from startup to successful HealthTech company. Most recently, we collaborated on building conversational voice AI into GoShare so that patients can interact with a digital assistant in their preferred language.

Supporting happiness, health and wellbeing

Meditating with The Happy Habit app for iPhone and Android is not only good for you, it’s great for humanity.

As a social enterprise, The Happy Habit donates 50% of profits to grassroots projects tackling social and environmental problems around the world. With every app subscription, four children receive access to a lifetime of clean drinking water through the installation of water systems in schools across Bangladesh.

We collaborated with The Happy Habit founder Fleur Chambers on designing and developing The Happy Habit app and are excited to witness the continued growth of her positive impact. Fleur’s guided meditations, online courses and books have been downloaded 3M+ times in 45+ countries.


Our clients have confidence in our process and experience - that we will deliver quality cost effective apps on time, with transparency and integrity, and a high regard for security.


Our Sydney app developers are mobile specialists, creating high quality bespoke iPhone, Android and web apps using the latest open source technologies.

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How much does it cost to build an app?

A quality mobile app built in Australia will cost between $50,000-$250,000+. A Startup looking to develop an app with a basic feature set for an MVP is likely to cost between $50,000-$100,000. Businesses wanting to digitise internal processes or integrate with other systems should expect to pay $100,000-$250,000 for an app.

There are six factors that will influence the cost of building an app. These are:

  1. the number of platforms
  2. the number of screens
  3. the app design
  4. security requirements
  5. backend development requirements
  6. complexity of the features

You can find more information on our blog post – “How much does it cost to build an app.”

Do you outsource any of your development work?

No. All app development is undertaken by our team of app developers in Sydney and other locations across Australia. This approach not only provides jobs for our local skilled developers, it means we can consistently deliver high quality apps for our clients. This is because strategy, app design and development requires a close collaboration between you, the experts in your business and the app development company – their designers and app developers. The ability to have those experts in a room side-by-side with stakeholders from your business is invaluable and something you can’t achieve with an offshore team.

There are also risks in terms of the quality of the code. While outsourcing may be a cheaper short term option, there may be significant costs involved where an app does not function as intended and a code re-write is required (a service we have provided for some of our clients).

What are the benefits of a web app?

The number one benefit of building a web app is that developers are building for only one platform. More platforms generally mean more resources and more technologies. This can translate to higher costs and longer timeframes, and also increases project risk. While you can streamline coding when undertaking both iPhone app development and Android app development, you still have the cost and time associated with designing, testing and deploying to multiple app stores.

Deployment is also faster for web apps – up to a few weeks for your mobile app to be released on the app store vs under an hour to deploy the app to a web server. For a small business or start-up, an earlier release date can be important. Ongoing app support costs are also less expensive if you are maintaining one web app compared to a web app, iPhone app and Android app.

Example folios where Wave Digital has created web apps include Zyppyz, GoShare Healthcare and Telemedhub.

What is the best platform for my app (web, iPhone or Android)?

Which platform will be the best option will be driven by your customers and their needs. If convenience, including the ability to access information offline, is important to them, then an iPhone and/or Android app may be a better option. A good example where this was a key consideration was The Guideline Host App for Therapeutic Guidelines Limited. While web technology has come a long way, mobile technology is also still the best when it comes to user experience, delivering better interactions and designs.

Access to device hardware or its operating system is also an important consideration. If, for example, your app idea requires access to a camera, augmented reality, location services or Bluetooth, then a mobile app will likely be the best choice. If these are not requirements, then it may be hard to justify the extra investment. An example is The Myer Naughty or Nice Bauble App which used bluetooth technology.

Where web apps can be a good option is for business process digitisation/optimisation. Admin systems that support back office workflows and/or are usually accessed by desktop or a tablet are also great candidates (for example, see The Educator Passport App for the Chisholm Institute). A web app may also be preferable if your requirements centre around content and management of content, or involve navigation and communication of large volumes of data.

Do you do ecommerce?

While we have significant experience in building ecommerce platforms – Australia Post, Map Coffee and Arro Home are examples – we now prioritise iPhone app development, Android app development and web technologies. This has ensured that our app developers are technical specialists in the open source technologies supporting mobile and web app development and enabled us to consistently build superior apps for our clients. If there is an element of your app model that includes an online store, then we can discuss appropriate options with you or refer you to another reputable software developer.

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