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Our story

Co-founded by Mark Harbottle and Julian Carroll in 2000, Wave Digital commenced business as a division of SitePoint Pty Ltd, trading under the brand SitePoint Solutions.

At the time the Web was still in its infancy, and Wave's early work focussed on CMS and ecommerce installations predominantly for business.

As the Web developed, Wave leveraged its close ties with Australia's leading online business group, The SitePoint Group, and quickly gained a reputation for using emerging technologies to build complex enterprise-level solutions.

Smartphone adoption grew rapidly in 2008/2009 and by early 2011, the business had rebranded as Wave Digital with the intention of focussing entirely on mobile development.

Our team lives and breathes mobile, and we're excited to be a part of the biggest technology shift since the adoption of the PC.

Why choose us?

When you work with Wave Digital, you'll deal with the people who are actually building your solution. There's no middle-man, and no project management “firewall”. Our agile, test-driven development process is completely transparent.

This open approach lets us deliver intelligent mobile solutions swiftly and cost-effectively to every one of our clients.

Our team has the technical expertise to work with clients' existing data, no matter how it's captured or stored.

And we have the business sense to anticipate the needs of our clients and their customers.

That's how we create mobile solutions that deliver real results.