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Wave Digital was approached by Alice Curtis, an Occupational Therapist, with the idea of creating a holistic health platform – Link Me. The aim of the platform is to simply and securely link Australian healthcare clients and their healthcare professionals. Many people with a disability are supported by a multi-disciplinary clinical team. Working within these teams, Alice had experienced first hand the challenges associated with communicating and collaborating with other providers. Wave worked with Alice on a digital product strategy, prototype design and website development. We also provided technical consulting services.

Link Me App by Wave Digital

At the kick-off meeting, we provided Link Me’s founder with a questionnaire to help our team better understand who would use the system. The output would then inform Link Me’s strategy, branding and user experience design. Alice completed the questions supported by further discussions with potential users. This process enabled her to achieve a greater depth of knowledge of the providers and clients who would use the initial version of the platform.

Another important aspect of the strategy process was formulating the broader product vision and then identifying which components to focus on first, and test as part of a pilot. We also worked with Alice to create a plan for the pilot.

Link Me App designed by Wave Digital

We began the design process with benchmarking research. The team looked for any similar products on the market or products that we felt had usability similarities that could inform the approach to designing Link Me. Wave’s app designer then dived into identifying the user journeys and the ideal user experiences. This helped to pinpoint the screens we would need to design in order to create a working app prototype that would effectively capture and sell the idea to investors.

We used Miro to effectively collaborate on the designs with our client who was based internationally. This allowed Alice to provide feedback at each step, first on the blockframes, then wireframes and finally, the user interfaces. During this time, we also began conceptualising a range of branding options and colour palettes. Through client discussions, we came up with a final brand mark along with complete style guide. All of these activities were brought together in a clickable prototype using Protopie. Wave Digital also designed the Startup‘s pre-launch landing page to give the brand a face while the client went out to speak to possible investors and partners.

Link Me by Wave Digital App Development

Alice also commissioned Wave Digital to provide technical consulting services regarding the approach to app development. Our tech lead reviewed the product strategy and wireframes to gain an understanding of the product and key technical requirements. This focused on the storage and security of patient data.

One of the key challenges for the platform is to strike a balance between building patient’s trust in the system from the commencement of the pilot, while not over-engineering the platform in its early stages. We also considered solution architecture, technology platforms and integration aspects for the project. This enabled us to provide our client with an informed view of the cost to develop the platform.

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