App Animation

One of the best ways to market and showcase your app is to create an app animation walkthrough that explores its different uses and features. You can use these animations wherever you need to communicate how your app works – quickly and efficiently. Whether as a proof-of-concept or to market the finished product, an app animation is a powerful marketing tool.

The most common place for an app animation walkthrough is in app stores. The Google Play Store and the Apple App Store are two of the most important marketing opportunities for your app. Potential users are looking for a way to see if your product will solve their problem. So why not show them exactly how it will do that!

An app animation walkthrough can also be used to attract potential investors. Wave’s Melbourne design team can transform our visual designs, created during the app design process, into a video showing the core functions of your app. All before any app development has occurred.

Wave can also tailor the animation format and narrative to suit your purpose. For example, it can include music, voiceover, text or simply visuals. Moreover, the videos are extremely flexible and can be used on websites, social media posts, presentations, and at conferences. This makes them an invaluable medium for marketing and selling your app to large audiences in a short space of time.

For more examples of our app animation walkthroughs, see the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Second Ears iPhone App and e-Health NSW SafeSnap iPhone App.


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