VicTraffic infrastructure scaling

VicTraffic infrastructure scaling

VicTraffic is experiencing extremely high spikes in visitor traffic volumes due to widespread flooding across much of Victoria. We saw this during the bushfires in 2014 and other years, when incidents occur affecting the Melbourne road network like a truck nearly falling off the Bolte Bridge in 2013. It is interesting to see how the VicTraffic infrastructure Wave Digital set up is dealing with the increased traffic.

Victraffic Sessions

Due to the flooding having such a far-reaching impact across almost the whole state of Victoria, VicTraffic is currently displaying more incidents (road closures, traffic alerts, detours, roads re-opened, road works, tow allocations) than ever before, to the best of our collective knowledge.

Thankfully, the clever app infrastructure Wave set up during VicTraffic's app development (and which Wave supports) is scaling as it is intended to. This allows the site to stay up and available to all users in times of very heavy load such as this.

Interested in setting up similar infrastructure? Come and talk with us.

Victraffic AWS Infrastructure

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