RACT Learner Driver iPhone and Android App

RACT Learner Driver iPhone and Android App

The Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania (RACT) was keen to leverage modern smartphone technology to develop an app to help learner drivers in Tasmania. Previously, learner drivers had to complete a paper logbook to record the hours that they had driven. Wave Digital knew that the target market of RACT’s learner drivers were well used to smartphone technology so we needed to develop an app that would take away the burden of completing their logbook of driving hours. Wave Digital developed the RACT Learner Driver iPhone and Android app so that users can track their journeys using their phone’s GPS. Supervisors and drivers are also able to sign off on their drives once they are completed. Once a driver has completed the required number of hours, they can export their data (pre-filled with their driving licence details, car registration, driving conditions and supervisor signature) and present to the relevant body to have their hours recognised as completed.

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