ATO Expenses – V2

ATO Expenses – V2

Just in time for tax time, Wave Digital has launched the new and improved ATO Expenses app. Since it was launched last year, the app has received some great feedback, and featured in the ‘Hot’ category in iTunes for over 3 months. We’re not sure if Apple’s algorithm needs some tweaking – ‘Hot’ and ‘Tax’ are usually mutually exclusive words. Features that were requested by users throughout the year include:

  • Ability to export image files. This has been complete and each user will be able to view their previous claims emailed through a zip file.
  • Issues exporting summaries – this has been addressed and fixed.
  • Ability to categorize expenses using your own category names and descriptions. The app has been created to comply with the ATO’s expense categories to simplify processes for eTax users. However, V2 of the app also allows users to name their own categories, and even allocate codes to them if necessary
  • Next financial year. And the one after. Done – the app has been updated until June 2016.


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