API Evaluation, Design and Specification

API means Application Programming Interface. In its simplest form, it allows for information to be transferred between two systems that may be very different technologically. A well-designed API is core to delivering many of our apps. And when existing APIs have not been designed appropriately, it can become a hurdle. At Wave Digital, we have extensive experience in evaluating your existing APIs to determine what changes are required, if any, to support your app. This avoids rework and delays during app development.

Our Melbourne team of app developers can also design APIs. The majority (over 95%) of our apps require APIs. Where APIs are not already in place or they are not appropriate, we can write new APIs to facilitate your app integration and data sharing. The API design can have a huge influence on the usability of your app. A good API design that supports the interface design (completed during the app design process) can enhance user experience. The complexity of the integration required will also influence the cost to build an app.

Wave can collaborate with internal IT teams on API design. We can provide advice on how to build an API that will allow integration and data sharing for your app. This is in the form of detailed specifications that an IT team can pick up, review and deliver with ease.

For more information on our app integration experience, including with Xero, SCADA and GIS, see app development.

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