ATO Expenses tax receipt management app sees 63% year on year increase

Wave Digital’s very own tax receipt management app, ATO Expenses, has seen a substantial jump in it’s user base, with a 63% increase in downloads over the past 12 month period, when compared to the previous 12 months. ATO Expenses chart

The app was developed by the Wave team during one of our Wave Labs innovation events, and subsequently iterated upon to enhance the functionality of the app. With these enhancements, but little marketing and publicity, the app’s usage has  organically increased by quite a large percentage year-on-year.

ATO Expenses app
ATO expenses 7750 usersTotal downloads are now up to 7,750 units, a number Wave are keen to see grow over the coming 12 months.

ATO Expenses helps keep track of all of your shopping receipts, and streamlines your tax return processing at the end of the financial year. With Christmas shopping in full swing right now, make sure you don’t lose track of your receipts come June 2016 by downloading ATO Expenses now.


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