Vodafone App Aid – Week 2 – Pterodactyls

Vodafone App Aid – Week 2 – Pterodactyls

Philosophers and historians throughout the ages have always butted heads on one key bone of contention – what is the link between Pterodactyls and getting children active? We decided to take the higher ground and ignore the argument and proceed with what we love doing – bringing Pterodactyls unnecessarily into our game.

To bring you up to speed, Wave was chosen as one of five agencies to take part in Vodafone’s App Aid program. We’ve been paired with MCRI and have decided to build a game which will dramatically increase MCRI’s Step-a-thon reach, engagement level, and fundraising total next year. Week two has seen massive progress – we’ve introduced some great tasks for kids to complete, made the game even more addictive, and of course, the pièce de résistance (that’s French for awesome), brought in the Pterodactyls. 

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