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Specsavers eReckoner is an application that assists Specsavers shop staff to calculate out-of-pocket expenses on a customer purchase via a step-based responsive web interface. The web app helps Specsavers staff spend more time with their customers instead of searching through complex insurance information. The app enables their staff to remain mobile and engaged while calculating out-of-pocket expenses, and the step-based experience helps keep Specsavers’ processes efficient for both staff and customers.

Previously staff members in Specsavers stores would have to check a customer’s health insurance company from a physical folder which included print-outs of complex spreadsheets. Wave Digital developed an initial prototype to demonstrate to the Specsavers management team how the use of a custom web solution could be beneficial to both customers and Specsavers staff. A data-intensive project, we had to develop a backend admin platform which could manage each health insurer’s particular policy and the complex business logic each one contained.


“Wave not only gave us on-time delivery of what we wanted within the budget requirements, but also produced a simple, and intuitive system that seamlessly integrated into our existing processes.”

— Charles Nightingale, Specsavers

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